Paris - - Independent Welsh Escort
Etiquette - For a gent that has never met an independent escort before:
First things first - Do your homework! – I have spent time and effort on my website, please take the time to read it before picking up the phone, sending a text, or emailing to asking me information that is clearly provided! A savvy gent that has taken the time to do his research and chosen to spend his time with me is definitely a turn on! 
Expenses for my time – The question of money can cause problems. A gent can be embarrassed about bringing up the subject of money and a lady is often reluctant to ask! This can be avoided by ensuring the appropriate sum is available upon arrival. The money should be presented discretely upon arrival.
Q. - What do you expect from me?
A - I expect to meet a true gentleman with good hygiene and manner, who treats me with respect
Q _ Why do you hide your face?
A - I value my privacy in the same way as you value yours. Discretion is always assured
Q _ Do you have any uniforms?
A – Yes, lots please feel free to have a look through my wardrobe section and if there’s something that tickles your fancy just let me know
Q - Im nervous and never visited an Escort before.
A - I can understand you maybe nervous at first , but when you meet me you will be surprised at how down to earth and friendly i am.
Please note I prefer to see gentlemen from 21 and older and have no maximum age limit.
Q - Is this an agency?
A - No, I am fully independent Cardiff escort, (South Wales) based. I will also be the person who answers your phone calls and e-mail.
Q - What should i expect from an independent escort?
A - An independent escort, normally has a regular client base, ths allowing the escort to fully understand the individual requirements of each client. An independent escort works for herself so often takes a limited amount of appointments a day (i prefer it this way as it keeps things fun). Finally an independent escort is not managed and keeps 100% of her fees (in my case this is often spent expanding my vast wardrobe).
Q - Do you expect or like gifts?
A – What woman doesn’t like gifts! Gifts are welcome and greatly appreciated, but certainly not expected.
Q - How is is best to book you?
A – Where possible you can book me by emailing me directly, prior to the day you would like to meet. Please include information relating to our time together ie, date and time you would like to meet and how long you would like to spend with me and any specific information or requests. Same day appointments are sometimes available by calling or texting me, but i tend to take a limited amount of appointments a day so sometimes it may not be possible
Q - Do you meet with older/younger gents?
A – I am happy to meet with younger gents (21 +) and i am also happy to meet with older gents.
Q - What do you dislike?
A – I dislike: people who waste my time, who cannot be bothered to read my website and ask me questions that i have covered on here. I also dislike people who cant tell the difference between the services i offer and alot of the cheaper girls and finally i dislike those who assume i am desperate for money so try to barter.

Please note when visiting Bristol my extensive wardrobe and intimate accessories will be limited, if you would like a particular outfit etc, please book in advance and request at the time of booking.