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Brave enough to try? Double Fetish or control session with myself and BBW Savannah
2 Words
XXX Rated 2 Girl Nuru Play session
Guilt free fetish - Food crushing and foot worship
Office slut needed showing who's boss!


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Brave enough to try? Double Fetish or control session with myself and BBW Savannah

In additional to my longstanding luscious lady playmates, Jasmine Wales, Jasmine Jones and Cardiff Companion Charlotte, I'm also now available with the gorgeous Mollie Matthews and the Sexy Elle.

For those of you who are brave enough to try, I would like to bring out the inner vixen BBWsavannah. Available for double Splosh sessions, Double Fetish, Roleplay and Control Sessions - all directed in my capable hands ~ Mondays and Wednesdays

BBWsavannah is a huge size 30 with ginormous 52G boobs and can be easily directed by me to help control you, or join me to cater for your fetish or roleplay

2 Words

Well, today brought another filthy 2 girl Nuru Play Session with the very sexy Jasmine Jones and a regular gent who i have seen for literally years. 

This gent is like an old friend who loves some naughty fun, he's got a great sense of humour and is up for trying something new! Therefore he couldn't resist treating himself this Christmas and try a 2 Girl Nuru play session.

To use his words 'Fucking Sensational!' - its fair to say he's going to have a smile this Christmas.

XXX Rated 2 Girl Nuru Play session

XXX Rated 2 Girl Nuru Play Session

OMG!!!! Like my first real life porno session. Now as many of you will know i tend to be a little more on the dominant side but do still enjoy some naughty fun! This on the otherhand felt like being in a real life porno session (which after a while in this industry is hard to achieve as what's porno/fantasy to most gents is everyday life for an escort)

Yesterday i was invited to join MILF Jasmine Jones and a client to join in a first for me - a 2 Girl Nuru play session.

Guilt free fetish - Food crushing and foot worship

Friday I met with a lovely gent who I have seen before, who felt inspired by my sploshing blog. A married gent who wanted to explore a guilt free session embracing his fetish side.

We started with some foot and shoe worship. We started with some sexy heels which hadn't seen much action out of the bedroom then I decided to move onto the dirty shoes, where I made him lick my smelly old trainers and flip flops clean like they were brand new.

He had brought with him some grapes, a banana and a squelchy strawberry yoghurt, which were all ideal for a naughty food crushing session!

Office slut needed showing who's boss!

Today the office slut showed up straight from her night out wearing her 'going out' gear!

She clearly hadn't been home all night and I knew it was time to show her who's boss as she was showing us the slut that we all thought she was!

She thought that just showing up to work was enough. Irrelevant to the fact that she had on slutty clothes and no knickers.

So I gave her a choice. I will keep her wages, sack her or punish her as I saw fit.

Naïvely, she took the punishment option. So I decided to show her who was boss.

2 Girl fun with Charlotte Winters

Earlier this week I spent a naughty morning with the delicious Charlotte Winters and a gentleman whom she has met before.  As I'm sure you can imagine we got up to all sorts of naughtiness  - which I'm sure left the gent with naughty thoughts all day and unable to get any work done!

I wonder who will join us next time for another naughty morning/afternoon with Charlotte!

Sissy Maid

Today, my naughty Sissy Maid thought it was ok to turn up to clean in some kinky thigh high PVC boots! All dolled up with her nails bright red! Not really suitable attire for a maid....

I had no alternative but to punish her and use and abuse her making sure she knew who was boss!

Let's hope poor Sissy Maid has learnt her lesson and shows up to work next time with a better approach.


Today I met with my regular Toy. A lovely gent who is happy to be used as I choose. Whatever I want - he knows he is mine to do as I please! 

Today i painted his nails (to match his already painted toes - he follows my instructions) and I made him style my hair.

Be warned Toy next time you see me it's going to be some forced sissification - you will be a weak but sexy girl. My personal slutwhore.

What kind of submissive are you?

Well '50 Shades of Grey' I'm sure has helped some women better understand and explore their submissive side (a side that I definitely do not have!).

So I felt it might be advantageous to point you gents in the right direction, for you to understand and explore your submissive side a little more.

Just for fun I've found this great quiz called 'The Submissive Test' that helps you understand 'What kind of Submissive are you?'

Dan, Dan the Dirty Gay Man

Dan dan the dirty gay man inparis welsh escortThis week myself and Mistress Lashes have been visited by my regular gay man for some putting in his place!

Because he claims not to be gay (but I know he is) I decided to ask Mistress Lashes to join us to double torment and humiliate him and assess if we could pimp him out to Gay and Bi clients and friends!

Dan dan the dirty gay man 2 inparis welsh escort

We decided to make up a rhyme and torment 'Dan, Dan the Dirty Gay man' and take photos to show the world he is gay and will do as he's told.

We made him strip naked for us and tied him up and while he thought he was going to worship my ass we proved he is ready for a gay fucking.